Japanese Koto Concert on Nov 8

by Lynn Moyers on October 26, 2014

Koto produces unique and beautiful sounds. For those who identify with Japan or Japanese music, these sounds may bring back memories of childhood or cultural roots. For those unfamiliar with koto music, we invite you on an exciting musical journey.

Koto is one of the most traditional musical instruments of Japan, being brought over from China over a thousand years ago. It has 13 strings, each with its own moveable bridge, stretched over a Paulwonia wood body. The player uses ivory picks which creates their own unique and special sounds. The basic structure of the Koto has remained unchanged since its beginning. It’s unique musical voice has been protected and held in veneration for hundreds of years.

Oregon Koto-kai is a new group instructed by Koto Master Mitsuki Dazai. Originally from Tokyo, Mitsuki, has performed with ensembles throughout Japan, Hawaii, Europe, South America and in numerous locations in the US. Her dream is that Oregon Koto-kai will provide the opportunity to introduce the uniquely beautiful music of koto in both traditional and contemporary styles. In doing so, koto can increasingly enrich the cultural diversity of experiences in the Northwest.

Please join us for a concert by Oregon Koto-kai.
Date – November 8, 2014
Time – 6:30pm, Doors open. 7:00pm, Concert Start
Where – Epworth Methodist Church, 1333 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Tickets – $15 Adult, $10 Senior, Student

Click for Information and Reservations. Download a concert poster here.

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