Budo Master Comes to Oregon

by Lynn Moyers on June 29, 2016

Join the Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy in Tigard for a seminar from 6-8pm on Friday August 26th with Mr. Tadayuki Satoh from Japan. Mr. Satoh will be the discussing the techniques and counters of Tomiki Aikido as well as teaching “lost judo techniques” originally taught by Kano. Mr. Satoh will also discuss and demonstrate the connections between Judo and Tomiki Aikido. Then through the weekend, consider available classes.

Mr. Satoh is one of the world’s leading Shodokan Aikido experts. He was taught directly by Tomiki Kenji Sensei, Founder of Shodokan Aikido in the living room of his house everyday. Tomiki Sensei was directly Satoh-san head shottaught by both Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido) and Jigoro Kano (founder of judo), being the first person to achieve 8th Dan in each art. Mr. Satoh is also an accomplished judoda, who learned from Tomiki Sensei and his father, who was taught directly by Jigoro Kano. Mr. Satoh was granted the position of Shihan of Waseda University Aikido club in 2007. This position had been vacant since Professor Tomiki’s death in 1979. He is an expert in his field, and in particular, the link between Kodokan Judo and Tomiki-style Aikido. He also teaches at the Japan Police University, and he lives in Japan.

Mr. Satoh will be joined by Mr. John Gage, an accomplished martial artist in his own right.

Mr. Gage is one of the world’s foremost non-Japanese leaders in traditional, heritage martial arts. He is the current head of Nihon Jujutsu system founded by the late Sato-Shizuya Sensei. Mr. Shizuya, was a personal student of Mifune Sensei and Nagaoka Sensei. In 1986, Mr. Gage moves to Japan to dedicate himself to traditional Japanese martial arts. He also studied expensively at the Aikido Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo, under the direction of the famed Shioda Gozo Sensei, Aikido Meijin, 10th Dan.

This will be the first time that representatives from the International Martial Arts Federation have made a trip to Oregon. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Contact the Pacific Rim Martial Arts Academy for tickets and more event information.

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