Contemporary Kimono with Hiroko Takahashi

by Lynn Moyers on February 6, 2017

As an artist with a background in Japanese traditional craft, dyeing, waving and other handicraft techniques, Hiroko Takahashi uses kimono as an expressive medium for her art, putting a new spin on the traditional garment. In this presentation, Takahashi will present her innovative style of kimono production which combines traditional practices with original, unconventional designs comprised of geometric patterns that are unique to her work and are created from using only lines and circles.

February 12th at 2pm | Loucks Auditorium, Salem Public Library
585 Liberty St NE, Salem OR
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About the Artist
TakahashiBorn 1977. An artist active in many fields through the use of unique patterns constructed out of only circles and straight lines. Having attended the Tokyo University of the Arts, she has studied Japanese traditional crafts, especially dyeing, weaving and traditional handicraft techniques, going on to obtain a PhD. The works that symbolizes her artistic philosophy, “PORTRAIT” is a series capturing in photographs the artist herself standing firmly with her legs apart* clothed in her kimono. Along with the concept to overturn fixed ideas and creating the trigger to think, the work represents the position of facing and confronting the very essence of familiar things. At present, her endeavors include using the kimono as an expressive medium, being involved in production as well as manufacturing with factories and craftspeople who practice traditional craft in various parts of Japan while also presenting her artworks to viewers regardless of the grounds being domestic to Japan or overseas. She also takes part in many collaborations with a range of corporates and production districts; her expressive activities are diverse.

Presented with support from the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles and the Japan-America Society of Oregon.

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