PSU World Premiere Kabuki plays in English

by Lynn Moyers on May 3, 2017

The Castle Tower & The Puppeteer
2 plays – Presented entirely in English

PSU is thrilled to announce our spring kabuki productions: The Castle Tower and The Puppeteer, directed by Larry Kominz.

These plays are full of emotion and imagination, with remarkable stage properties and gorgeous costumes. They feature lively dances and a wealth of musical talent playing traditional instruments. The plays are presented entirely in English.


May 30 & 31, 7 pm
Adults $20 , Seniors $17 , Students and staff $8
Reserved seating.
PSU Box Office: 503-725-3307

Lincoln Performance Hall
1620 SW Park Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

The Castle Tower (1917) , by master occult author, Izumi Kyoka

The top floor of the highest tower in Japan’s grandest castle, Himeji Castle, has been haunted for several decades by the beautiful goblin Princess Tomi and her retinue of phantom ladies. One day, a handsome samurai named Zusho climbs up the stairs into the haunted tower. Instead of killing him, Princess Tomi falls in love!… and the battle between goblins and humans begins…

The Puppeteer (1824) (A Dance Drama to Kiyomoto accompaniment)

An itinerant puppeteer enters and his puppets come to life, dancing various romances and conflicts — the grocer’s daughter, Oshichi, is desperate to visit her forbidden lover; Princess Joruri falls in love with the aristocratic young samurai Yoshitsune; a warrior ghost rises from the sea to attack Yoshitsune who killed him in battle. This play is all about charm, humor, beautiful and virtuoso dance, and flights of imagination.

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