Thurs Mar 1, Managing in the US: A Workshop for Japanese Business People

by Lynn Moyers on February 6, 2018

If your company is a Gold Member or above of JASO, from 6-8pm on Thursday March 1, up to 4 employees total may attend this workshop absolutely free of charge. The event is held in the Japanese language.

For the Japanese business person, whether an expat from a Japanese company or an individual, success in the US is about more than straight business talk. Standard Japanese business practices don’t translate directly; misunderstandings in communication or manner can lead to confusion and mistakes. Ken Sakai is a Japanese business professional from Japan with over 30 years’ experience living in the USA. During this 2-hour workshop, Ken offers valuable insights to guide the Japanese business professional to greater success.

Communication between the boss and workers that report directly to him/her
How to start business conversations – what about greetings and small talk?
Considering gender-based etiquette
Private life versus work matters
What does work-life balance really mean?
Taking risks in business
Do’s and don’ts of micromanagement
English phrases for appreciation and encouragement
Making meetings more effective
Case studies

If you want to attend this free workshop, go online here and sign up you and/or your company employees.

If you want to upgrade your membership so that you can attend, call Graham at 503-552-8813 or Kaoru at 503-552-8811.

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