Japanese Government recognizes work of Oregon Honoree

by Lynn Moyers on July 23, 2018

In April this year, dedicated community member George Nakata was announced as a recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun with Silver Rays by the Japanese government. This honor is in recognition of his long service and contributions toward the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between the US and Japan, and his efforts to develop goodwill toward and improve the social status of Japanese Americans in the United States.

George received his well-deserved honor on the weekend, and it was an honor also for JASO to be among family and friends, and attend the ceremony to celebrate George’s dedication. We have all been, and continue to be, the recipients of George’s engaging personality, thoughtful guidance, and abundant grace …. as his stories at the event confirmed.

George made his career through the exporting of wheat to Japan. With the development of this agricultural trade George fully engaged with Japanese markets, companies and people contributing to and promoting beneficial economic relations between Japan and the United States.

He is a founding member of Oregon Tomonokai (the Japan Oregon Friendship Association) and served as honorary director of the Japan America Society of Oregon for many years, making significant contributions to amicable and positive relations between the Japanese and Japanese American communities in both Oregon and Japan.

In addition, George had the experience of serving in the U.S. military as a Japanese American right following World War II. Since that time, throughout his life, he has been dedicated and instrumental in conveying an understanding of Japanese American history to younger generations.

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