Thurs April 4, Workshop for US Business People working with Japan

by Lynn Moyers on March 12, 2019

Do you work at a Japanese company here locally? Perhaps your have Japanese corporate clients? Or maybe you’ve been doing business in or with Japan for years, but still have some burning cultural questions? Or rather you’re interested in doing business in Japan, but don’t know much about the business practices or the culture?

This workshop will give you a variety of key fundamentals. Great for all business people; especially those in sales, business development, human resources. Daily applications for those in line, or upper, management.

Join us from 6-8pm on April 4, 2019 for this workshop led by Sue Shinomiya of Global Business Passport. Sue has over 25 years of experience, 10 of them in Japan, working with companies to develop their intercultural competencies and inclusive leadership practices. Sue will guide us through key Japanese concepts, case studies and hands-on skill-building exercises.

This event is for Gold members and above only. Click here and register up to 4 employees total. To upgrade your membership to the Gold level, contact Graham at 503-552-8813 or Kaoru at 503-0552-8811.

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