Friday May 10, Still Unprepared

by Lynn Moyers on April 29, 2019

Oregon. Still Unprepared for the Really Big One?



In 2015, OPB’s “Oregon Field Guide” special “Unprepared” brought the public’s attention to the seismic risks that surround the Pacific Northwest and highlighted Oregon’s lack of preparedness against major earthquakes feared to rupture at any time and cause major destruction in the region.

Oregon has since made progress with the involvement of all levels of government, private and public sectors, as well as community organizations and education institutions.

But the question remains: are we still unprepared and, if so, what are we doing now to further prepare ourselves?

Join our expert panel members and “Unprepared” producer Ed Jahn to learn about the latest efforts taking place here in Oregon, the lessons learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and discuss how Oregon must continue to prepare for current and future generations.

The event will kick off with a viewing of “Unprepared,” a one-hour documentary from OPB’s award-winning original series “Oregon Field Guide.”

This event is free of charge. Please RSVP at

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