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by Lynn Moyers on August 12, 2019

Join JASO’s Japanese calligraphy classes through fall 2019. Details below.

Japanese calligraphy, or shodo, is a form of artistic writing of the Japanese language. Our course is an introductory exploration of this traditional art form, taught by renowned professional artist, Sora.

Purpose  The main aim of the course is to help you BE PRESENT, RELAX, and explore and discover your INNER SELF.

Note: Cell phones and all electronic device must be muted and packed away during class. You may not check them, since this disrupts class for all.

Structure  Each class is 90 minutes long, and composed of four periods:

·         Preparation
·         Practice
·         Creativity
·         Clean up

Attendance  There are 8 classes total, for 12 hours instruction time. You MUST attend Class 1 for orientation. All other classes are discretionary, but there are no refunds for missed classes.

Class Size – minimum 6, maximum 10 only.

Note: If less than 6 people register, we will cancel the course and give full refunds to all. We will create a wait list in case of drop-outs if more than 10 people wish to participate.

Location  Classes take place at the 3rd floor conference room at the JASO Office, 221 NW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97209.

Materials  JASO provides all supplies needed in a bag/bag pack. All items come directly from quality shodo supply stores in Japan.

Inside your bag are all materials you will need for class. Bag purchase, cost $80, is mandatory for all students and included in your class fees. Bags will be distributed during the first class. There will be a variety of bags – attendees will choose in order of sign-up.

Materials are: suzuri (traditional ink stone), large and small brush, storage rolls for brushes, base mat, paper weight, liquid ink, sumi ink stick.

JASO provides paper for class. You may purchase additional paper and ink directly from the teacher (or another source) for home practice as you wish.

You do not need to speak Japanese to take this class. Each student works at their own pace.

Time  All classes run from 6:30-8pm. Please arrive by 6:15pm so that you can set up, and use all 90 minutes of class. Note: late arrivals disrupt class for everyone.


Wednesday September 11 – Class 1: Orientation
Wednesday September 18 – Class 2
Weds Sept 25 – no class
Wednesday October 2 – Class 3
Weds Oct 9 – no class
Weds Oct 16 – no class
Weds Oct 23 – no class
Wednesday October 30 – Class 4
Weds Nov 6 – no class
Wednesday November 13 – Class 5
Wednesday November 20 – Class 6

Weds Nov 27 – no class
Wednesday December 4 – Class 7
Wednesday December 11 – Class 8

JASO Members only, price includes $80 bag with all needed materials. Up to August 26 $400, from August 27 $450.


About Sensei  Born in Usuki Oita, Japan, Sora started learning shodo at the age of 6. More recently she has focused on the bokutensha method, studying under Master Futo Suzuki in Japan and Sekko Daigo in Portland.

Shodo is a medium that expresses the inner potential of the individual and allows you to take notice of your true self.

Sora has built a portfolio of varied accomplishments, including referenced articles, exhibitions, and academic achievements.

Through Shodo, people are able to release a light that has always been there deep inside their souls. By releasing that light in each and every one of us, we will be able to build a more free, diverse, and beautifully peaceful world together.

Cancellation & Refund Policy  Cancellations fully-refunded up to August 26. Cancellation from August 27, 50% refunded.

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