Oregon Department of Justice speaks out against bias

by Lynn Moyers on April 7, 2020

Covid-19 has changed all our lives irrevocably. Through job losses and stay-at-home orders, sickness and anxiety, none of us can claim to know what our future holds.

At these times rather than look outwards, we inevitably tend to look inwards. For some, that can include seeking someone to blame. And a minority of those have taken this opportunity to link Asians and Asian-Americans in some way as recipients of that blame.

JASO celebrates our relationship with Japan. We are thankful for the 150 companies and 8,000 Japanese nationals that live among us, WITH us. The 23 sister city relationships, the 13,000 Oregonians of Japanese-American heritage, the amazing cultural celebrations and artistic communities, the $2 billion of annual trade. And we appreciate equally every individual, as a person, regardless of their nationality or ancestry.

JASO equally celebrates all Asians, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander communities, and supports the work of the Japanese American Citizens League, and many others here.

We stand resolutely against any racism in Oregon or Southwest Washington. For that reason, we are working together with the State of Oregon Department of Justice, who on Friday issued a stance against such racism in our community connected to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sign the State of Oregon petition NOW (then share with others) – we stand together, against any and all forms of racism directed towards any person seemingly of Asian nationality or ancestry, for any reason – including reaction against the Covid-19 outbreak.

Statement and petition here.

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