Japanese-American Community Groups Statement in Solidarity

by Lynn Moyers on June 8, 2020

JASO is an organization with the mission to support business and develop community by strengthening the US-Japan relationship.

This mission is about our community here in Oregon and Southwest Washington, and the country of Japan.

Relationships are inevitably about people, although our mission does not refer to groups, or in particular groups of people based on cultural heritage.

Our community has a strong history and fine range of community 501 c3 organizations that celebrate and preserve the history of the Japanese immigrant experience, and the consequent Japanese-American experience. These groups continue to play an important role in calling for social justice for all Americans.

Attached is the recent Statement of Solidarity, supported by JASO, put together by JACL and JAMO, and supported by a whole range of community groups associated with Japan in our region.

Download and read here:

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