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by Lynn Moyers on December 17, 2020

JASO offers Japanese language classes that fit your needs. You’re busy, a working professional, and you want to improve your language skills for both inside and outside the workplace. Our 8-week, 10-hour courses demand intense focus from you in class, and with significant preparation beforehand. Courses range from beginner to advanced.


What our students from Fall 2020 said …

Intermediate “Using an article to learn grammar and expressions. Good practice in reading and speaking. Very participatory and a good challenge.”
Beginner “The content was relevant and useful for an absolute beginner and the pace was manageable for a career professional without being too slow.”
Improver 5 “Challenging but doable, and very practical.”
Advanced “A challenging class, building confidence in voicing opinions in elevated topics.”
Improver 1 “Continuing to build competence in grammar and vocab with focus on simple dialogs.”

And ….
Sensei absolutely extends herself.
A well organized class.
Sensei is wonderful!
Thank you for a great experience.
Sensei was patient and very thorough.

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