The purpose of the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) is to inspire and empower women and supporters of women through US-Japan-related events.

The WLC started in late 2017, and hosts business formal, semi-formal, and totally social events. We aim to inspire women through stories of career development, entrepreneurship, life challenges, and personal growth; and equally by forming a mutual-support system of like-minded community members and professionals.

We hosted our first event in January 2018, listening to amazing stories from two business leaders of Japanese-American heritage – Phyllis Campbell, chair of JPMorgan Chase in the Pacific Northwest, and Denise Moriguchi, President & CEO of Uwajimaya. In May we hosted our first pure networking event, with over 50 women starting and building relationships. And in November this year, we plan to learn from two small-business entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of the Portland “Farm to Table” scene – always with that unique US-Japan twist.

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