March 18, Prosper Portland Clean Tech B2B Pitch Event draws Japanese start-ups, investors

by Lynn Moyers on March 18, 2021

Clean Tech was highlighted yesterday with an event created by Prosper Portland, attracting over 100 people including entrepreneurs, investors and the local clean tech community.

Japanese start-ups included Hokkaido Poracon, Nakahara Denki, Water Design Japan, Alchemist Material, 4G Clinical, Raritan, NSK Corporation, Murakami General Construction, Nihon Kasetsu, and Ecomott.

Pitches ranged from bidets that work by water pressure rather than electricity, a device that adds nano-bubbles to running water that keeps your pipes clean naturally, to macro-projects managing energy efficiency and green tech at data centers. Kawasaki Heavy Industries also gave a short presentation on their development of hydrogen-based engineering.

Alongside, equally-fascinating local entrepreneurs espoused on the development of insect farms to meet worldwide protein needs, a number of energy-management systems, solar panel installation above agricultural fields, battery re-purposing, and so on. Sca Pike of IOTAS gave a short presentation.

For more information on getting involved, contact Kevin Johnson at, at Prosper Portland.

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