June 3, JASO Annual General Meeting

by Lynn Moyers on May 27, 2021

Join our Annual General Meeting (AGM), meet our Board, AND help us get better. Win some great give-away prizes too!

We need YOUR VOICE so come help us as we introduce our new Board, review our recent work, and talk about the future.

After the challenge of covid last year and despite the continuing disruption this year, we are working to return to our regular annual calendar where possible. This includes renewing and refreshing our Board of Directors in early summer, and reflecting on our activities.

We’ll BE LISTENING, so this is a great chance for you to MEET OUR BOARD and some committee members too, and TALK WITH THEM about JASO’s mission and how we currently deliver it.

We’ll host the AGM on Zoom, and we’ll be randomly selecting names  and giving away a range of GREAT GIFTS as we play Spin The Wheel. You could win special items kindly donated to JASO by our members at The Bidwell Marriott, SakeOne, Seisuke Knife, Kuze Fuku & Sons, Nara Tea Company, Denison Winery, and the Mark Spencer Hotel.

Bring a beverage and snacks of your choice, and join us for an hour as we talk all things JASO.


5pm          Welcome
5:05pm     Breakout Room mixer
5:15pm     JASO Activities
5:25pm     2020 Financial Report
5:30pm     Prize Draw + Give-Aways
5:35pm     2021-2022 Board Nominations & Approval
5:40pm     JASO Activity Discussions
5:55pm     Grand Prize Draw + Give-Aways
6pm          Close
Note: Since voting takes place, you’ll need to be a current member to participate.

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