Jan 2022, Let’s study Japanese together!

by Graham Morris on December 10, 2021

Join us from anywhere as we study Japanese on Zoom! Our classes are designed specifically for business purposes, for work and for after-work situations. Seven different group classes at four major levels of learner – from beginner through to advanced. Eight week courses, once weekly at convenient early evening times, designed with your convenience in mind.


Expect intense learning! We don’t host classes where you show up to start thinking – we demand that you prepare fully in advance – so that you AND your classmates can get the most out of our time together. Here’s what students from last term said:

One of the best classes I have been to, compared to those I attended at the Japan Society in New York.

As a student, you need to study and put time and effort into it, but that time spent studying will be well worth it.

It’s a fun chance to gain confidence speaking in a casual but professional setting.

Sensei demanded a lot of effort but at the level where I am, I felt it necessary to be pushed and I enjoyed it, feeling I made good progress.

I think sensei is a very good teacher and is in tune with each student’s level and adjusts accordingly. There is no pressure and each student learns at their own pace.

I strongly recommend JASO Japanese classes to anyone who wants to do business in Japan with Japanese.

Sensei explains the subject matter well, and moves at a pace appropriate for the class.

She was well prepared, and had difficult and thought provoking questions. Also very fun to talk to.

Very knowledgeable, class is fun and engaging.

She put in a lot of effort into the lesson content and presentation.


PS – we also take a limited number of private students. If you want something designed exactly around your needs and convenience, click HERE.

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