June 22, Stringed Instruments and Flutes of Three Nations Concert

by Alyssa Derania on May 31, 2024

The Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities in Portland, Oregon are cooperating once again to bring this free musical performance to the larger Oregon community. Performances will feature traditional music from the three nations. Our goals are to unite and support the three communities and to introduce and share the music, instruments and cultures of China, Japan and Korea.

This year’s event will feature:

  • (Chinese) Ms. Kunlu Wen, who studied the Chinese “Guzheng” in both China and the U.S. and is the founder of Lulu Guzheng Studio. She will team with Ms. Jenny Hung on the piano. The Chinese team will also include Mr. Qingquan Kong, who began playing the Chinese flute at the age of nine and has been active in the Chinese music community in Portland for 40+ years, and Huishao Zhen on the Chinese yangqin.
  • (Japanese) Ms. Yumi Torimaru, the founder and artistic director of the Japanese instrumental group Takohachi, will perform on the Japanese “Shamisen” and ”Shinobue” accompanied by Jin Nakajima on the shinobue bamboo flute, Shoko Oba on percussion, and Truman Wilson on the Tsugaru Shamisen.
  • (Korean) Ms. Doyeon Lim, a skilled musician and founder of Korean Music Institute of Oregon, will showcase both the traditional and modified (more modern) versions of the Korean “Gayageum.” She will perform three songs: Sung Geumyeon Kayageum Sanjo, Legend of the Moon, and Snow Flower.

Tickets are free and available online at Eventbrite.  All are welcome to join us—and we particularly encourage other ethnic groups to attend.

This event is the ninth in a series that began years ago with Strings of Three Nations (2015), followed by Dances of Three Nations (2016), Drums of Three Nations (2017), Voices of Three Nations (2018), Flutes of Three Nations (2019), Mask Dances of Three Nations (2020), Dances of Three Nations (2022), and Children’s Choirs of Three Nations (2023).

The idea for this series of performances originated in 2015 with officials from the Oregon China Council, the Consular Office of Japan in Portland, and the Honorary Consulate for the Republic of Korea in Portland. In a joint statement at that initial meeting, the group stated, “We want to show that, despite the political tensions in many parts of the world today, our respective communities in Portland serve as a model of cooperation and friendship. In this spirit, we are delighted to share an afternoon of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures with the citizens of Oregon.”

Brief statements will be offered by representatives of the Oregon China Council, the Consular Office of Japan in Portland, and the Honorary Consulate for the Republic of Korea in Northern Oregon.

For questions, please contact Greg Caldwell at 503-724-9709 or at caldwell@lclark.edu

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