June 4 to July 2, Japanese Film Festival Online 2024

by Alyssa Derania on May 31, 2024

The Japan Foundation (JF) will hold the Japanese Film Festival Online 2024 for four weeks from June 4, 8PM PDT to July 2, 8PM PDT, as part of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF), sharing the excitement of Japanese cinema with the world.

or visit https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/jffonline2024/

This third edition of the Japanese Film Festival Online will be held in a record-breaking 27 countries and regions, with a wide variety of films and—for the first time since it was established—two thrilling TV drama series. Titles of note include We Made a Beautiful Bouquet, which exploded in popularity among Gen Zers after its release in 2021, and Baby Assassins, the film that took Japanese social media by storm (its third installment is scheduled to be released in Japan this fall). Other highlights of the diverse lineup are School Meals Time Graduation and The Zen Diary, both of which showcase Japanʼs delicious food culture, as well as the world premiere of the 4K digitally remastered version of JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO, aka KIMBA THE WHITE LION, a classic anime based on TEZUKA Osamu’s manga masterpiece.

Two extremely popular TV drama series, Downtown Rocket and RIKUOH, will also be available to watch in their entirety. These moving human dramas about diligent, hardworking people chasing big dreams became instant hits when they were released in Japan.

“In the midst of an evolving social situation in post-pandemic Japan and following the resounding success of the Academy Award–winning Godzilla Minus One and The Boy and the Heron, we have carefully selected titles that we are sure will resonate with audiences around the world. This year, the Japanese Film Festival Online will distribute films and TV dramas to a record number of countries and regions and in a variety of languages to help share Japanese film with the overseas market.” (KONOMI Masafumi, JFF Producer)

Videos promoting the festival and those showing the directors’ messages are available on JFF+ʼs official YouTube channel. In addition to film and TV drama distribution, various exciting events will be held around the world during the festival period. Please check the festival website for details of these events and more.

The Japan Foundation is Japanʼs only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. With the objective of deepening mutual understanding between the people of Japan and other countries/regions, our various activities and information services create opportunities for people-to-people interactions. The JF has 26 overseas offices in 25 countries. It is active throughout Asia, Oceania, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and works closely with Japanese diplomatic missions and other related organizations in each country.

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