Thurs, June 20th, Business Success with your Japanese Colleagues & Clients

by Alyssa Derania on May 15, 2024

Join us either online or in-person for this hybrid 90-minute program, which is a strong opportunity to close the culture gap and learn strategies for business and social success when working with your Japanese counterparts.

Plus, all in-person attendees receive a free bento dinner!

This program is free of charge and available as an exclusive membership benefit to member organizations at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond support levels—and is open to employees in your organization nationwide, as well as locally. Just one way we strive to meet our mission, to support business, and also provide significant value in return for your membership with us.

Check to see if your company is currently listed at one of these levels HERE. If it isn’t, but you want to participate – please forward the information to your HR Director for consideration. Ask JASO for more information at if you need support in your request. The following week, we do a similar workshop for all Japanese employees working in the US, in the Japanese language, to better understand US business culture—learn more here.

According to Tripadvisor, Japan is 2024’s #1 trending destination in the world. Once you get there, successfully navigating the complexities of the Japanese business culture requires patience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of local customs and communication intricacies.

Join our immersive workshop to gain valuable insights into Japanese culture, communication, and effective strategies for collaborating with your Japanese colleagues, partners, and clients. Our expert facilitator will guide you through essential topics, including:

  • Key Cultural Concepts: Learn essential Japanese etiquette, customs, business protocols such as kata, wa, ningenkankei and omotenashi to avoid common pitfalls and cultural faux pas.
  • Effective Communication: Navigate language gaps and communication style differences, hierarchy, decision-making, and social norms.
  • What’s Trending: Understand local trends, consumer preferences and the impact of “en-yasu” (weak yen).
  • Hands-On Practice: Gain expert guidance and practical insights.

This interactive session blends theory with real-world examples, with relevant takeaways for your professional journey. Whether you’re working from within your organization or engaging with external Japanese clients, suppliers, or partners, this workshop will help you to thrive in the dynamic world of Japanese business culture.

Our presenter Sue Shinomiya, MBA, Founder of Global Business Passport and a Portland local, is a consultant, trainer, coach, and writer, who empowers professionals to connect, lead and succeed across cultures and differences, in an increasingly global, diverse, and complex world. She is the co-author of Business Passport to Japan, Revised and Updated.

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