Revenge Travel – online event

Saturday, February 5, 2022

JASO’s culture committee event: REVENGE TRAVEL. Explore and visit hidden gems of Japan virtually.


  • Farm to table with owner Deco Nakajima’s Brown’s Fields.
  • Planning your bike adventure in Japan with Kim Dumont. Biking culture and bike etiquette as well as must-visit destinations in Japan.
  • Sustainable community building in Japan through agriculture in Tokushima, with Atsuya-kun and his off-the-beaten-path places to visit.
  • The city of Aizu Kitakata’s International Association, sister city of Wilsonville, OR, introducing its flourishing independent ramen shop scene.  

In the spirit of travel and reconnecting, start dreaming of your next Japan adventure, our guest speakers introduce you to some of the hidden gems of Japan and how to experience them yourself.
  1. Fukushima, Kitakata
    Since 1988, the City of Kitakata, located in Fukushima Prefecture, and the City of Wilsonville have shared a close relationship as sister cities. Together they promote peace, respect, and friendship between not just the two communities, but between the two nations. The Sister City Association strives to celebrate and nurture cultural understanding, friendship, and cooperation and is actively looking forward to resuming their annual exchanges between the two cities, hopefully in the near future. 

会津喜多方国際交流協会ーAizu Kitakata International Association | Facebook

Ramen-kai Eng. (

2. ブラウンズフィールド

中島デコ Deco Nakajima

1958年、東京生まれ。16歳でマクロビオティックに出会い、25歳から本格的に学びはじめる。1986年から自宅にて料理教室を開く。2度の結婚で2男3女の母となり、5人の子供を育てあげた経験をもとにした料理指導が多くの母親たちの支持と共感を得る。1999年、千葉県いすみ市に田畑つき古民家スペース「ブラウンズフィールド」を開き、世界各国から集まる若者たちとともに持続可能な自給的生活をめざす。ブラウンズフィールド内に、週末カフェ「ライステラス」、イベント宿泊スペース「サグラダコミンカ」、ナチュラルオーベルジュ「慈慈の邸」をオープン。2016年、BF Books を立ち上げ『ブラウンズフィールドの丸いテーブル』を出版。現在、10人前後のスタッフと共同生活し、子供や孫たちに囲まれ、サスティナブルスクールや各種イベント、ワークショップの企画運営をしつつ、講演会やマクロビオティック料理講師として活躍中。料理本やエッセイ等、著書多数。In 1999, she opened “Brown’s Field”, an old folk house space with fields in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, aiming for a sustainable and self-sufficient life with young people from all over the world. Opened a weekend cafe “Rice Terrace”, an event accommodation space “Sakurada Kominka”, and a natural auberge “Jiji no Ie” in Brown’s Field.

3. Farm 19

代表理事 吉田アツヤ

1953年 兵庫県西宮市生まれ
古民家では、旬や四季、モノづくり、健康、子育て、SDGsについて語り合えたらと思います。変化への旅路、コウノトリが飛来し巣作りする、そんな景色と物語をゴールにしています。 With the major goal of regional sustainability and innovation, we have established Ikiiki Farm Tachie (Farm19), a general incorporated association with a team of 14 members, creating a place for dialogue, and co-creation of new normal communities.

4. Cycling in Japan by Kim

Cycling in Japan: Basic Rules, Prohibitions, Safety Tips & Cycling Courses in Tokyo