Private Japanese Classes Now Available

by Lynn Moyers on April 28, 2020

JASO is now able to offer private one-on-one Japanese language classes, personalized to your needs.

Each class is 60 minutes long, and you can choose when, for what purpose, and how often to study.

All classes take place online over Zoom.

If you’d like an individualized course structured to your personal needs, complete the attached application and we’ll follow up with you directly.

Our Teachers

All classes are taught by qualified Japanese language teachers.

What Our Students Say

“I had some very good success with the learning I received here through JASO in Japan, on two recent trips.  It is meeting my objectives.”
“Sensei was an excellent teacher.”
“I really like sensei’s teaching method.  It is superior to the other methods I have had.”
“Only speaks in Japanese (except before or after class, or in rare instances). I like this immersion experience.”
“Sensei is a great instructor.”
“That was intense!”

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