Video Lesson 2 – Let’s Visit Sousuke

How do Japanese students start the day? What subjects do they study? What do they eat for lunch? What activities do they have after school?

Join us as we visit Kamo Elementary School in Tokushima prefecture on video, and follow a busy 4th grader named Sousuke (yes, he’s an Angels baseball fan!), and his day with his classmates at school. While there is much that is novel about a school day and life in Japan, your students will also see many similarities and points of connection.

Along with the presentation, you can get your students directly connected to Japan if you wish, by creating a video letter to Sousuke and his class. They’re ready to reply and start a conversation!

Lesson 2 is offered as an interactive visit with our experienced, knowledgeable volunteers, whose own life experiences always offer extra depth and joy to the classroom.

Email Sarah Saito at to request this lesson or for all other details.

The Lesson 2 Teachers’ Guide includes a Map of Tokushima, a Japanese phrase sheet to use during our visit, follow-up comprehension and discussion questions, and further resources to explore afterwards.

Lesson 2 Teachers’ Guide