Jan 9, 2021 Virtual New Year’s Celebration, Shinnenkai

JASO New Year celebration Featuring: A tour of the shrine in Japan and introduction of renowned sake maker “Hakutsuru”.
Special discount on locally produced sake from SakéOne, details will be shared once you complete your registration.

Musical performance: “Nanbu Tawaratsumi Uta” a minyo-Japanese folk song performed by acclaimed minyo-singer Chigusa Takehana and shamisen master Ryuhiro Oyama, Marino Kajiwara, Minori Kajiwara, & Yumi Torimaru: director of Portland NPO, Takohachi, and creator Kotori Japanese Music

Japanese New Years’ trivia quiz!

Check out these delicious traditional New Year dishes from Chef Naoko. A set of delicious osechi appetizers for just $25, plus an ozoni kit also for $25.
Your osechi appetizers include (1 serving, 7 kinds):
Datemaki – sweet fish omelet
Kuromame – sweet black soybeans *vegan
kamaboko – fish cake
Roast beef
Furofuki – daikon with yuzu miso sauce *vegan, gluten free
Kurikinton – sweet potato paste with chestnuts *vegan, gluten free
Bite size Salmon ikura sushi – salmon sashimi and salmon roe on sushi rice *gluten free
Your ozoni kit includeds (2 servings):
Dashi soup – 20 oz
Topping – cooked Mary’s chicken, fish cake, steamed spinach, mushroom and fresh yuzu peel.
5p – Konko Church mochi

They will go quickly, so order by 5pm this coming Thursday to secure yours! Here is the link to order.

All orders available for pick up only on Saturday 9th December from 3:30-4:30pm at Chef Naoko’s at 1237 SW Jefferson in downtown Portland.
Grab your food, grab your drink, then join us for our 7pm Virtual Celebration start!

PS – you do not have to join our event in order to purchase this special food offer. But ….. we’d love to see you, so make it a whole Japan celebration and join us at 7 o’clock!

When you register, you will have a special code to receive a discount to buy sake from SakéOne.
Sakagura tour or Hakutsuru Japan http://www.hakutsuru.co.jp/english/
“Nanbu Tawaratsumi” Minyo, Japanese Folk Song