JASO NEXT is a diverse group of young professionals aged 21-35, helping to lead our community into the future of the US-Japan relationship.

NEXT communicates through meetings and social media groups, including a closed Facebook group. NEXT hosts a diverse array of programs, which have included simple meet-ups, online sake tasting and a trivia quiz, and hosting a young group of social entrepreneurs from Japan.

NEXT also gets involved in support and attending other JASO committee events – including Cultural Committee and Women’s Leadership Council.

NEXT Events

May 14, 2021, Trivia Night Quiz
December 18, Virtual Sake Tasting
August 16 & 23, Sunday Brunch Hang Outs
August 7, Virtual Happy Hour
May 30, Virtual Happy Hour
March 15, 2020, Social Gathering at Tea Scape
July 26, 2019, Reception for Japanese Social Entrepreneurs at K&LGates