Video Lesson 1 – Journey to Japan, An Adventure to Remember

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Hello Educators! As you know, this isn’t a normal school year. So our Japan On the Road team has been busy creating online content for you to use in your classes. Please check out our first video lesson and accompanying Teachers’ Guide below.

In this video, students get to travel all over Japan with our volunteers. We start at the Sapporo Snow Festival, check out a samurai festival in Minamisoma, feed the deer at Nara Park, then head south for more adventures. At each stop, volunteers share their tips and knowledge, such as how to eat the takoyaki (fried octopus balls), and what the Kinkakuji Temple is plated with (solid gold!)

The Teachers’ Guide includes a sheet introducing Japan, maps for students to use as they watch, both comprehension and discussion questions, and options for further resources.

How To Use

You are welcome to teach this lesson on your own.

However, we’d REALLY like to match you up with our trained, experienced volunteers in a virtual classroom visit for your students. Volunteers can help introduce Japan, lead the discussion, and answer questions as you need. To invite us to your classroom, or for questions, please contact Program Manager Sarah Saito at

Please note the Evaluation Survey at the back of the Teachers’ Guide. Your input helps us improve our content. Thank you!

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