Japanese Language Classes

JASO runs a range of Japanese language classes to improve your ability. You must be a current member to participate.

Group Classes Basics

For business and after-work networking, and daily life
On Zoom
8-week terms – winter (Jan-Mar), spring (Apr-Jun) and fall (Sept-Nov)
8 weeks, 75-minute classes (10 hours total)
A variety of beginner, improver, and intermediate levels
4 to 10 students per class
No homework, no grades, but 2 hours preparation every week prior to class expected
Highly-qualified, experienced teaching pool (teachers opt-in or out according to total number of classes and their daily life schedule each term)
Textbooks or teacher’s own materials
If interested in signing up for a group class, email us HERE.

Private Class Basics

General, or specific purposes
On Zoom
8- or 12-class blocks, 60-minute classes
Teachers select texts and workbooks according to individual student needs
Highly-qualified, experienced teaching pool (teachers opt-in or out according to total number of classes and their daily life schedule each term)
Complete the survey to contact us: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JASOPrivateJLangClass

Group Class Levels

When we say Beginner, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced, what do we mean? Beginner level classes are for students who are new to Japanese, or have only a little self- or class-based study. Improver classes are for those that have studied at least the basics, and sometimes more advanced Japanese, for a reasonable period of time (often some time ago!). Students have (or quickly re-gain) a comfort with a range of tense use and verb conjugations, but need step-by-step progression to learn, or re-learn these using textbooks. Intermediate classes are for those who understand and are comfortable using a range of conjugations, and are working on longer, more complex explanations and discussion. Might be a high JLPT N4 or even a low N2 level. Advanced classes are for those who are at or close to JLPT N1, and have typically worked/lived in Japan for a significant period of time. Complex, discussion-based.

Group Class Refund Policy

Course will run with minimum 4 students signing up. If course does not run, 100% of fees refunded. Cancellation after 7 days prior to start, no refund if your cancellation causes numbers to drop below 4 in total. 50% refund otherwise. Refund processed after classes start. We will communicate with you as sign-up windows close regarding number of sign-ups.

We understand business people sometimes have work commitments that cause them to miss class. Many students end up missing 1 or 2 classes because of work commitments. We price these classes affordably in order to take this into consideration. We do not give refunds because “work became busy”.

Group Class Teachers

Natsuko Llewellyn
MA Japanese
Portland State University
Resides: Portland, OR
Narumi Iwasaki
MA Japanese
Portland State University
Resides: Portland, OR
Shoko Parker
MA Education & Special Ed
Portland State University
Resides: Portland, OR
Ikuyo Suzuki
MS International Studies University of Idaho
Resides: Moscow, ID
Tetsuko Sugawara
MA Japanese
Portland State University
Resides: Sapporo, Japan
Ryoko Yamazaki
MA Japanese Ap. Linguistics
Waseda University
Resides: Portland, OR

Private Class Teachers

Nanami Riedel, MA in Education: TESOL, Concordia University, Resides: Portland, OR

Shoko Oba, MSc in Education: ESOL, Western Oregon University, Resides: Salem, OR

Kayo Niimi, MA in Education: TESOL, The Ohio State University, Resides: Pullman, WA

Tanya Pachter, MA TESOL/Applied Linguistics, University of Findlay, Resides: Delaware, OH

Izumi Sakurada, BA Fine Art, Chapman University Resides: Kissimmee, FL

What Our Students Say

“I had some very good success with the learning I received here through JASO in Japan, on two recent trips.  It is meeting my objectives.”
“Sensei was an excellent teacher.”
“I really like sensei’s teaching method.  It is superior to the other methods I have had.”
“I’m currently taking lessons at another school and it feels like I’m not learning as much and that the class is half asleep compared to (JASO’s) class.”
“Only speaks in Japanese (except before or after class, or in rare instances). I like this immersion experience because of the business context.”
“Sensei is a great instructor.”
“That was intense!”