Discovering Japan in Oregon and Southwest Washington

For a whole variety of reasons – historical, economic, political, and sometimes even just the passion of the individual – our region has almost limitless ways to connect to Japan. Below is a selection of off-the-beaten-track, fascinating places, projects, passions and people to check out.

Amazing stories from war to peace based in Astoria at the Obon Society
A wonderful Japanese Garden, Choshi Garden at Mingus Park in Coos Bay on the central coast.
Middle School students from Vancouver, WA and Hachinohe, sailing mini-boats across the Pacific to each other! Kizuna Gou
Affirming. Inspiring. Creating. Portland Taiko.
Finding Japan in Central Oregon at JASCO!
A touch of Japan in Ontario, Eastern Oregon at the Hikaru Mizu Garden
A brief summary of the Oregon Japanese immigrant story